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Art directors with any brand identity experience usually have a file full of logo sketches that never became anything. These are concepts sliced by creative directors or tossed aside by account executives as “too hard to sell.” Many times these are never presented to clients either. Sounds brutal but it’s sometimes necessary none the less. I call these “Nogos.” The other day I was browsing through some “nogos” and thought they still had a lot of clout. Tell me what you think…







AssetTrade was an online “classified ads web site” for major industrial equipment. Client decided to scrap the project.  Heritage Community Bank was never established. Luna never became anything but several neat logo  designs.  SEI Institute identity – a different logo was selected by client.  StyleValet (SV) was a fashion web site capable of selecting high-end clothing for members – site never launched.  Westover Capital Advisors, LCC – client selected alternate identity design.