For the past week I’ve taught 12 students the basics of photography, iPhoto and Photoshop at CabSummer and I have to say I find instructing 5th-8th graders very enjoyable. I thought a great way to break the ice and get our class rolling would be taking portrait photos — that is until we decided snapping “mugshots” of each other would be even more fun. What a blast this was!

So here’s mine… I switched up the idea a little by getting each student to hold up their first name instead of fake numbers. This way I had a very convenient visual aid to quickly learn their names with too. Ha!


I’m half way there! June marks month six for one of my daily photo challenges. For this activity I photograph any interesting subject I see within my selected color of the month. Below is a quick review of what I’ve captured so far. Six more months to go…

If interested you can view large versions of these images on flickr.

All feedback welcome!