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Another 2010 venture I’ve devoted myself to is my 365 photo project. Everyday I take a photo of something, anything, (everything?). My theme features a different color every month – ie: January was white (above), February is orange, March could be green, maybe metallic or blue… I haven’t decided yet but you get the idea. It’s these types of projects that keep my creative thoughts flowing and also strengthen my design work. This exercise in particular has made me much more observant of my surroundings and I’m finding I brainstorm photo ideas wherever I go. I approach photography the same way I’d sketch out a design layout. I look for interesting patterns, contrasting light and dark areas, different typography, balancing angles, opposing textures, etc. Then I select subjects that intrigue me the most.


That’s how many brands I have left to photograph this year! It’s been challenging yet lots of fun too. I started this “Brand A Day” photo project for two reasons; 1) to make me aware of how many product/service messages I am (we are) bombarded with each day and 2) I have an avid interest with digital photography and would like to strengthen my camera abilities. As mentioned in my earlier post “2K10 Brand A Day” every day we’re exposed to 3,000+ promotional messages . That’s tons and tons of marketing efforts and dollars spent to achieve one goal: getting our attention! Here’s 42 brands – so far – that caught my eye. Can you name them all?

You can view the whole images up close here: Brand A Day

My Brand A Day Photo Project

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