When InterContinental Technology (ICT) requested the redesign of their current web site my first recommendation was to freshen up the brand identity for this IT company. ICT’s mark served well for quite some time (around 15 years to be exact) but now it was dated and needed an upgrade. After all, their business is based on modern technology so why shouldn’t their image be current as well? I asked ICT’s President/CEO this same question and he agreed 100%.

To revitalize the ICT brand I avoided present-day fads of glossy “gemstones” and ultra polished reflective surfaces that so many IT companies have. It was more appropriate to take the existing company logo and simplifying it – dramatically. With this objective I whittled the logo down to a few fundamental qualities and paired these with a contemporary color scheme. The outcome: a fresh and sophisticated image for ICT and a delighted client.

New business cards are currently being printed and the ICT company web site is being redesigned with a more appropriate identity. Stay tuned…