Some of the simplest ads I ever designed were for Dansko Footwear. This Peace ad was part of a year long campaign. Plans for a heart and smile were other ad designs but the peace sign stuck. At the time Bush and Kerry were campaigning and the shoe company wanted to make a statement about the war. Along with this ran a smaller half-page ad that simply stated “Vote.” “Top Dawg” was a very appropriate concept as many retail buyers refer to footwear as “dawgs.” These were very fun ads that attracted a lot of attention. I designed Dansko’s marketing campaign (from 2002-2006) which achieved a 6-fold growth over 3 yrs for the client. Advertising, catalogs, store displays and exhibits at WSA and OR expos. You name it – we did it. What great bunch of people to work with too!


Peace sign photography provided by Dean Digital Imaging –