Digital Dinos are now available for members of the iPhone/iPod Touch crowd (like me!). My good friend Charley Parker has just released DinoMixer! This great little application has my kids grabbing at my iPhone every chance they get. Whether we’re in the car, waiting to be seated at a restaurant or on the sidelines of their sibling’s game, they always want to mix ‘n’ match dinosuars. It’s fun to shake my iPhone and watch the different dino heads, bodies and tails spin. Do your best tap them back together and you quickly realize there’s thousands of combinations. I like trying to match up sections of the same dinosaur – talk about a challenge! I haven’t done it yet but I keep trying. Go to www.dinomixer.com to read more about this nifty game or search for “DinoMixer” in the iTunes App Store. Charley’s reptilian illustrations are excellent too. Of course he’s had tons of practice drawing his scaly friends. Take a look at www.dinosaurcartoons.com to see what I mean. Charley also originated the first interactive web comic: “Argon Zark” (www.zark.com). Thanks for the fun app Charley. Looking forward to many, many more!