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I’ve recently been working closely with my friend Carlos Alejandro on some pro bono projects. These last few weeks we’ve donated our time and creativity to benefit the Cab Calloway School Fund. Every year the CCSF holds an “Arts + Smarts Extravaganza” at Wilmington’s Baby Grand Oprah House. This year I volunteered to design the 2009 gala invitations and program booklets. Pro bono projects can definitely entail a lot of work but they also produce such wonderful rewards. When everything’s done and I see how my involvement has made a difference for a great cause it’s impossible not to have a few goose bumps. This was particularly special because it wasn’t just for our community school – – our own kids attend Cab Calloway as well. The “Arts + Smarts Extravaganza” is a fundraiser for Cab Calloway School of the Arts in Wilmington, DE and the talent these middle school and high school kids possess is incredible. As I watched them perform I had to remind myself several times that these were kids, not professional entertainers but young kids. What a show. Bravo students of Cab! You’re over the top! Hidey-hi!



The other day I was on a client’s press check and the owner of the printing company gave me his “new business card.”

Need I say more? I couldn’t stop laughing when he handed it to me.